Thursday, July 2, 2009

Casually Confident

Have you ever considered yourself in a modelling career? HOW I WISH but didn't know where to start...
For me, it is only a matter how I dressed myself with my looks and charisma. WOW! Being a model of my own self is a perfect fit for me. I guessed no one will believe me being just a farmer who is always at the farm and being exposed to sunlight everyday.
FLIRTY,FUN and CHIC these are the three words I could describe myself. I dressed to impress myself not for others to admire me, but to make myself look good, fresh and feel comfortable and fit myself to a style.
When you say style or glamour, i like it!!! By instinct where women basically the tools specially these days, be fit to a new wardrobe and make over is our comfort zone to look fabulous.
They say what you wear reflects to your personality, I don't know but for me, it's all about attitude of a person, depends on how you carry on.
I really love fashion and make sure always in it, fit to it too. I said to myself I am trying hard but its ok, ITS ME!!! Someone has said that I'm his supermodel mom hahahaha...AT LEAST!!! And I am greatful for that.

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