Thursday, July 2, 2009

Me And My Home

My home is a reflection of myself coz i find it cozy,warm and with a welcome feeling.
My home was carefully designed by my ex husband which is compact but functional in every has an open type style surrounded with glass but firmly secured just like me I'm broad minded but strong in a way i can communicate to any people of class.I see myself to be approachable and accommodating just like my home which are full of friends coming and spend their time with home has the essence of beauty to be simple but has a taste of elegance for i believe that simplicity is beauty just like me.

Casually Confident

Have you ever considered yourself in a modelling career? HOW I WISH but didn't know where to start...
For me, it is only a matter how I dressed myself with my looks and charisma. WOW! Being a model of my own self is a perfect fit for me. I guessed no one will believe me being just a farmer who is always at the farm and being exposed to sunlight everyday.
FLIRTY,FUN and CHIC these are the three words I could describe myself. I dressed to impress myself not for others to admire me, but to make myself look good, fresh and feel comfortable and fit myself to a style.
When you say style or glamour, i like it!!! By instinct where women basically the tools specially these days, be fit to a new wardrobe and make over is our comfort zone to look fabulous.
They say what you wear reflects to your personality, I don't know but for me, it's all about attitude of a person, depends on how you carry on.
I really love fashion and make sure always in it, fit to it too. I said to myself I am trying hard but its ok, ITS ME!!! Someone has said that I'm his supermodel mom hahahaha...AT LEAST!!! And I am greatful for that.

Something To Smile About

Just as your eyes are the windows to your soul,your smile opens the door to what is inside your mind and heart,your smile is an important form of communication and your personality,image and how you feel about those people youre with.
Those happy memories that i treasure and those people who are part of my happiness are something that makes me smile about.

The Modern Day Goddes Look

Obviously she is not a chinese but a filipino spanish blood bringing herself to a latest trend from chinese olden days to its new rebellious aproach.
This outfit is for those who doesnt want to wear the traditional dresses,but only dare to make a statement of her own look.
Thats me sweetjanet...